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Bizzo Casino Registration
Bizzo Casino Canada
Bizzo Casino Canada

Bizzo Casino is a stunning gambling platform stacked with mesmerizing games and thrilling bonuses. If you are eager to sign up, we don’t blame you! This online casino is one you don’t want to miss out on. But, how do you sign up? We know the drill!


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Bizzo Casino Welcome Bonus

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Bizzo Casino Welcome Bonus

How to Sign Up With Bizzo Casino?

Opening a Bizzo Casino account is easier than getting tickets for a hockey game. When it all sums up, it won’t take longer than three minutes. You will play your favourite casino games in no time and have a blast claiming lucrative bonuses.

Standard Bizzo Casino Registration

The standard Bizzo Casino registration is a simple 5-step process. If you know how to type, you’ll be able to complete it without any assistance. Just do as follows:

  1. Open the Bizzo Casino website in your favourite browser;
  2. Click the green Register Now button;
  3. Fill out the online form;
  4. Agree to receive bonus deals and casino news;
  5. Submit the form!

The casino platform will immediately leave you logged in. Still, don’t forget to write down or, even better, memorize, your login credentials. Keep your password safe and out of reach, and always connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

Can I Sign Up via Social Networks?

Many players are wondering whether they can do the signup process via social media. Although Bizzo doesn’t support this registration option, Canadian players shouldn’t put a sad face on. Opening an account via Instagram and Facebook may be slightly faster, but it is not necessarily the safest option out there.

Bizzo Casino Sign Up button opens an intuitive online form that requires only the most basic information. It is so easy to fill out, you’ll forget all about the social media accounts you already have. There is no need to use TikTok, Gmail or YouTube when you have Bizzo Casino by your side.

Signing Up with Bizzo Casino via Mobile

Did you know you can complete the Bizzo Casino registration on mobile or tablet? This cross-device online casino spared no effort in making its platform accessible to everyone!

Mobile registration is very similar to desktop registration. Here’s what to do:

Registration Requirements at Bizzo Casino

Bizzo Casino has very reasonable registration requirements for its Canadian players. The most important requirement is that you must be of legal age for gambling. In Canada, that age is 18 or 19, depending on the territory.

Then, you need to provide the following information:

  1. First page: email and password;
  2. Second Page: country, currency, and phone number;
  3. Third page: first and last name, gender, date of birth, address.

We strongly advise using your real personal information, as the Bizzo team may ask you to verify your account at any point.

Help! I Can’t Register with Bizzo Casino!

If you find yourself struggling to signup, don’t despair. The Bizzo Casino register button is still right there, so it is probably just a minor mistake in steps that is preventing you from joining the party.

The most common issues during registration are:

The Summary of Bizzo Casino Terms and Conditions

Bizzo Casino registration will ask you to accept the terms and conditions. Also known as T&C, this is a document that defines your rights and obligations.

Feel free to read it before signing up. Now, we’ll list only the most important aspects thereof:

  1. Canadian players must be of legal age;
  2. They must wager deposits three times before cashing out;
  3. If you accept a bonus, you must play it according to the bonus rules;
  4. The company prohibits any kind of fraudulent behaviour;
  5. Bizzo Casino reserves the right to verify your account as it deems necessary.
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