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Responsible Gambling at Bizzo Casino

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Responsible Gambling at Bizzo Casino
Bizzo Casino Canada
Bizzo Casino Canada

Bizzo Casino strongly encourages safe and responsible gambling. In the end, that is the only way to enjoy this popular pastime in the long run. It is so easy to get caught in the web of adrenaline, high stakes, and anticipation, and so easy to forget it should all be about having fun!

To help its users stay on the safe side, Bizzo Casino offers multiple account management options you can easily activate, as well as tips and tricks to stay responsible.


Self-Assessment at Bizzo Casino

One of the key elements of responsible gambling is self-assessment. It is a term for a number of techniques players can implement to analyze their own gambling behaviour.

Bizzo Casino invites all its players to question themselves about their former gambling-related problems. On top of that, the operator asks players to think about their spending habits, and time management. You should never spend more than you can afford, and must always be sure to have enough money to cover your living expenses.

The time you spend at the casino is equally important. Although we understand how appealing games can be, players must make sure not to neglect their daily obligations.

Self-Exclusion Feature at Bizzo Casino

If you think your habits are out of control and struggle to find the balance between gambling and your daily life, Bizzo Casino allows you to activate self-exclusion. Here is how to do it:

Live chat is available 24/7 and agents won’t mind if you reach out to them in the middle of the night.

Help! My Loved One Has a Problem!

Sometimes it is not players who recognize they have a problem, but their friends and family. If you think someone in your close group of friends or family can’t get a hold of their gambling behaviour, and know they are playing at Bizzo Casino, you can also ask the casino team for help.

The customer support team will introduce you to available options and solutions. Bizzo Casino has only one mission: providing fun and entertainment for Canadian plates. It is also a licensed casino that complies with all the latest laws and regulations and operates according to the highest standards.

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Tips and Tricks for Safe Gambling

It is up to players to analyze their playing behaviour objectively and find their weaknesses. That way, it is much easier to notice when you cross the line. Still, you don’t even have to go to the dark side, as long as you know how to stay safe.

Set Your Time Limits

Don’t be a Cinderella and forget about the time! Although casino games provide a daily dose of escapism and a whole lot of fun, they shouldn’t be your only preoccupation.

Decide how long you want to play and set an alarm clock. Once the bell rings, log out, and proceed with your day.

Set Money Limits

A coin here, a coin there – who counts? Bizzo Casino is a very affordable casino, but unless you are a billionaire, you’ll want to set some spending limits. Okay, even if you are a billionaire, having a dedicated amount for casino play would be a wise move.

But what is the right amount? Budgets vary, and so do the amounts available for gambling. Before placing the first bet, understand you must have your living expenses covered. Gambling should never make you feel uncomfortable or put you into sticky situations. Unless we are talking about sticky Wilds!

Set Win Limits

Games at Bizzo Casino are all about winning. There is no point in denying that. Yet, did you know sometimes big wins lead to unexpected losses? Big wins give players more confidence, and a sudden increase in self-esteem may lead to unreasonable bets and losses.

Here are three tips to make the most out of the big wins:

  1. The moment you win big is a great moment to log out and enjoy your success;
  2. If you achieve a big win, don’t raise your stake;
  3. Gambling is not about chasing losses or even bigger wins. Be happy with what you have!

Be Open About It

Don’t run away from the fact you enjoy gambling. Remember, if you feel like you have to hide it, you are probably developing a gambling problem. By letting others know, you can be easier held accountable for your actions.

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